Survive the Shoot

It is hard to ignore that we live in a crazy and dangerous world these days, to address that Don’t Be A Sitting Duck is now offering a “SURVIVE THE SHOOT” course that goes beyond our entry level Concealed Course. A course that goes further into Use Of Force, talks about Active Shooter Incidents that have become all too common and goes over basic Gunshot Wound Care. This course will take your Concealed License to the next level or can be a great refresher for those that haven’t taken a Concealed Course in a while. If you are looking for all the day to day info on carrying a concealed firearm this is NOT the course for you.
All courses are held in our classroom at 1700 Kelley Ave Kissimmee, Fl 34744. As mentioned in class we will cover Use Of Force as well as the aftermath you will deal with after a shooting. We will then look at Active Shooter Statistics and examine specific situations to try to understand them more and what our role could be if we were to find ourselves involved in an incident. A big part of Active Shooter aftermath is dealing with Gunshot Wounds so we will go over some basic Gunshot Wound Care. By no means will you leave our course a certified paramedic, but you will leave with a basic knowledge of how to stop bleeding and how to properly use a tourniquet. Along with the knowledge we even send you home with a tourniquet as a gift from us to you that could hopefully save a life.
At the end of the course, you will have the option to do a shooting session to show proficiency and safety with a handgun. We use a simunition training handgun that mimics the action of a live handgun but still gives the shooter and instructor immediate feedback. This is offered to complete state requirements and allows you to use this course to file for your Concealed Weapon License.
Due to the special nature of this course as well as class sizes being smaller to get signed up for this course there is a $60 fee that is due upon sign up. If needed, in class we will provide you with the information on how to file with the state as well as a certificate of completion to use to file for your concealed weapon license.
All courses require you to schedule so please go to our calendar page to find a course that works into your schedule and reserve your seat today. This is not our normal Concealed License Course so any coupons or discounts for those courses cannot be used towards this course. For Survive The Shoot coupons to be applied properly sign up each student individually. Sign up fees are final and non-refundable so be sure to check your calendar before scheduling.