Security Training

Don’t Be A Sitting Duck is setting the standard in security and firearms training in Central Florida. Having several years of experience in the security field we know the hassles of getting licensed so we try to make it as easy and affordable as possible. With smaller classes and all range instruction being one on one, you will receive more personal attention to ensure you leave with a better understanding of the material and higher level of proficiency with your firearm. We offer all the security training necessary to get licensed through the state to work in the private security field. All of our training exceeds all state requirements to provide the most in depth training in the area.
The D License course for the Unarmed security license is all done in our classroom where the 42-hours of state required training will be done in 5 days. This class covers several topics to include Emergency Response, Medical, Terrorism, Report Writing, Crime Scene Procedures, Patrol and Observation Techniques, ect. Classes are held in a friendly and open environment to encourage student participation.
Don’t Be A Sitting Duck also offers the full 28-hour Security G License course for those looking to take their security career even further. We offer this course in 3 days that will include 2 days in the classroom learning all the legal considerations of armed security as well as firearm safety and tactics. On the 3rd day the course will finish with range time where the student will be worked with at the range and put through the state qualification to ensure they are safe and proficient with a firearm. All of this course is taught by a state licensed K instructor and meets all requirements set forth by the Division of Licensing. It is the responsibility of the student to provide all firearms, ammo and range needs for qualification or it can be provided at an additional cost.
Check our calendar page for a course that works into your schedule and reserve your seat today. All courses require a $100 reservation fee that is non refundable and the remaining amount will be due the first day of class. If interested in our COMBO DEAL be sure to schedule for both the D and G course.
D License (Unarmed) is 42 hours in 5 days at a cost of $140
G License (Armed) is 28 hours in 3 days at a cost of $200
Handcuff, Baton and OC Spray is 4 hours at a cost of $100
Concealed Weapon Permit is 4 hours at a cost of $60
We offer and suggest a COMBO DEAL that includes the D, G, Concealed and Handcuff, Baton and OC Spray, a $500 value all for $300
We also offer the G license yearly re-qualification for $80, check our calendar to schedule
Lead Security Instructor Bryan Villella Sr DI#3100065
Firearms Instructor Bryan “Duckie” Villella Jr K#1300032 DI#3100064
Don’t Be A Sitting Duck Tactical Training DS#3100034