About Us

Duckie established Don’t Be A Sitting Duck in 2013 to fill the gap between the common firearm owner and the extreme military style of training. He wanted to offer friendly but informative training that everyone could learn from and not be intimidated by military terms and testosterone filled training. Don’t Be A Sitting Duck’s target customer is the soccer mom who wants to be able to protect her family or the couple that wants to learn firearms together. Of course we have no problem training more experienced shooters but we want to build the number of those experience shooters in the community.
Bryan “Duckie” Villella is a NRA and Florida State Certified “K” Instructor that brings new concepts to the range from his constant research and endless amounts of trial and error. He is a firm believer that training is always evolving and as an instructor learning never ends. Having in field experience from time spent working corrections, prisoner transport, site security, and numerous other positions in the private security industry, he also brings real world scenarios into the classroom giving his students a learning experience second to none.

Classes We Offer

Security Licensing

We offer all the training necessary to get licensed through the state to work in the private security field. All of our training exceeds all state requirements to provide the most in depth training in the area.

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Concealed License

Our Concealed Courses are provided in a friendly environment so that students feel comfortable and are more willing to participate resulting in them learning more.

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