Welcome to Don't Be A Sitting Duck!

Don't Be A Sitting Duck is setting the standard in firearms training in Central Florida. With smaller classes and all range instruction being one on one, you will receive more personal attention to ensure you leave with a better understanding of the material and a higher level of proficiency with your firearm. Our Shop and lounge is a place where you can check out the latest and greatest in defensive firearms as well as kick back and relax in a pro-gun environment. With a friendly staff and a relaxed environment it will be easy to see why this is the place for all your freedom needs.

Specialty Courses

As an on going effort to offer the best training possible to our students we are always looking to team up with instructors that can offer specialty training. Some of this training will include Self-defense, Medical, Executive Protection, Disaster Response, and so on. Always be on the look out for new courses as we are always looking to expand our excellent training programs.

Our current courses are below


Security Licensing

We offer all the training necessary to get licensed through the state to work in the private security field. All of our training exceeds all state requirements to provide the most in depth training in the area.

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Concealed Permit

Our Concealed Courses (CCW Class) are provided in a friendly environment so that students feel comfortable and are more willing to participate resulting in them learning more. We offer concealed weapons classes to the Orlando and Kissimmee areas.

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