Security Range Day w/ Requal

Let’s be real, the shooting requirements for your G Security License are pretty basic so Don’t Be A Sitting Duck has created a course that will take your skills with a handgun to the next level. In this course we will start off with a fundamentals check but quickly advance on to movement, contact distance shooting, speed vs accuracy and other skills that will better prepare students for the variety of threats they may encounter in the field that the 28 hours G course may of lacked. This course can also be used as your yearly requalification that is required to maintain your G Security License as we will end the course by shooting the state qualification and crown the top shot for the day.

Course Requirements:   

  • Students must be 18 years of age
  • Students must be a US citizen
  • Students must be able to legally own and operate a firearm
  • This course is intended for G Security License holders but anyone can attend
  • To qualify for your 4 hour Requalification a 70% passing score on your written and shooting test will be required
  • All students will be required to complete a waiver before showing up to the range

Need to bring:

  • Valid driver’s license or government issued ID
  • State issued G Security License
  • 300 rounds of Factory Ammunition (NO RELOADS)
  • Belt Mounted Duty Holster for your handgun with retention (NO UNIVERSAL FIT HOLSTERS)
  • 3 Magazines or Enough Magazines to hold 30 rounds on your person
  • Belt Mounted Magazine Pouch
  • Sturdy Belt capable of supporting your handgun, holsters and magazines
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Closed toed shoes are required and NO low cut shirts are allowed
  • Water and Snacks as we will be outside
  • Sunscreen and Hat Recommended
  • **Handgun, Ammunition and Equipment can be provided for an additional cost, MAKE US AWARE AT SIGN UP**


  • These courses are held at the Volusia County Gun Club located at 4845 E. SR 44 New Smyrna Beach, FL 32168

How long is class:

  • This course will run 4-6 hours depending on student count, experience levels and how many water breaks we need due to the heat.

How Do I Sign Up:

  • The course cost is $150 per student and payment is due upon signing up on our calendar page. Space is limited so sign up today. All payments are final and if a class is cancelled due to the weather a credit will be given towards a future course.