Concealed Permit

Concealed Permit Classes – CCW Class

Our Concealed Weapon Permit (CCW Class) courses are offered in a friendly environment so that students feel more comfortable and are more willing to participate resulting in learning more. By keeping class sizes small we are able to spend more time with each student to ensure that every question is answered so that every student leaves with the knowledge and confidence needed to carry every day.

All classes start in the classroom at 1700 Kelley Ave Kissimmee, Fl 34744. In the classroom we will go over everything the state requires you to know and then some. We will cover everything from safety to carry positions and extensively cover justifiable use of force. We will also cover what you will still need to do for you file with the state. We offer Concealed Weapons Classes to the Orlando and Kissimmee area.

After the classroom you will be required to do a training session to show proficiency with a handgun. This is not the usual 3 rounds at a target 3 feet away with a 22 caliber pistol like other schools, this will be a one on one training session where you will shoot a 9mm handgun and be shown how to get accurate rounds on target. There will be a $40 range fee (this is paid in class, cash is preferred but we can take card too) for this session and that covers your range fee, target and ammunition. We do all range instruction at Shooting Gallery.

To get signed up for this course it is $20. In class we will provide you with an information packet with the laws and carry considerations. After shooting you will then be given a certificate to show completion of the entire course. After the course you will still need to file with the state and pay them $102 for the issuance of your license.

All courses require you to schedule so please go to our calendar to find a course that works into your schedule and reserve your seat today.

Upcoming Classes

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